Electric steam generator, 99% efficiency (1).

This is an instant electric steam generator. Designed for a working pressure of 4.5 bar (8.5 bar on request) and steam production from 20 to 250 kg/h (15 – 180 kW).

It meets the essential safety requirements of the European Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU (PED) which is guaranteed by the CE marking.

Design features:

Depending on the number of heaters installed we can obtain different pressure values.

This configuration allows the generator to modulate the steam production and the power absorbed.

The installation of the generator is as quick as it is easy because only 4 connections are necessary: power supply, steam supply, drain and water inlet. The water supply can be connected directly to a condensate tank.

The control panel automatically manages the steam generator and is intuitive to operate.

Due to the vertical design, the steam generator has a very small size.

Standard equipment: (2)

Main steam valve.

  • 1 safety valve
  • 1 reflective level indicator with shutoff taps
  • 1 pressure gauge
  • 1 safety pressure switch
  • 1 safety thermostat
  • 1 automatic water level control
  • 1 power supply unit complete with 1 pump

Feed circuit valve assembly already fitted, with the necessary pipes.

  • 1 manual bottom drain valve

Control panel 230/400 V – 3-phase – 50/60 Hz

Attached documentation folder:

– Manufacturer’s declaration of conformity

– Installation, operation and service manuals

– Certificates of safety components

– Wiring diagrams of control panels and Declaration of Conformity

– Water characteristics: requirements concerning the quality of water supply, the water in the boiler, the frequency and type of sample tests to be done.