A RANGE OF 15 MODELS, FROM 1,328 Kw (2,000 Kg/h) to 16,607 Kw (25,000 Kg/h) and up to 12 bar as standard or more if necessary.

  • Category I and II boilers, according to power and pressure.
  • 1 for the fire box, where full combustion takes place, y 2 for the smoke tubes.
  • Mandrel tubes welded to plates.
  • The manufacturing materials are carefully selected to ensure the best quality and durability of the boilers.
  • Our design produces boilers with a low thermal load and reduced levels of air pollutants (NOx y CO).
  • The boiler is 100% accessible from the outside, there is no need to enter through the furnace, openings or windows to perform interior maintenance.
  • Hermetically sealed doors with quick-opening via through bolts.
  • The boiler can be adapted for right-hand or left-hand control.
  • Certified manufacture under PED 97/23CE.
  • It can burn any type of liquid or gaseous fuels.
  • Adaptable to any brand of burner.
  • Large diameter fire box with low thermal load, which is pressurised for combustion, complying with environmental regulations.
  • Smooth or corrugated fire box, depending on the model.
  • Water-cooled fire box, accessible from the outside.
  • High efficiency of 90 – 96% with low flue temperature.
  • Thick, high-density external thermal insulation for low radiant heat loss.
  • Stainless steel vertical electric pump unit with low consumption and high pressure and flow.
  • Ladder to access the platform at the top of the boiler (depending on the model).
  • Water level controls in the boiler by means of electronic probes.
  • Thanks to the design of the smoke tubes layout with a wide separation between them, the water recirculation is good, achieving optimum heat transmission and low resistance to the passage of smoke.
  • The boilers leave our workshops mounted on a metal base that forms a set with the other accessories, making a quick installation easy.
  • The dry steam obtained by the good relation between the volume of the water level and the steam chamber gives this boiler a high vapor quality.
  • The intuitive electric control panel indicates at all times the status of the boiler.
  • The boilers can leave our workshops with 2-, 24- or 72-hour surveillance control, depending on the needs of each client, and under TRD 604 safety standards.
  • The exterior finish of the boiler is 10/10 mm painted sheet metal. of thickness.
  • The boilers have several large openings for inspection and cleaning of the wet area.
  • At the top of the boiler there is a large manhole, which allows the operator access to the wet area of the boiler.
  • Throughout the manufacturing process, the boiler is assessed by an Authorised Control Body (ACO) in order to receive the boiler CE Marking verification.